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Training to Level 2 - 6

Fully accredited training courses that give you just what you want.

Having spent the last three years working with students from all sections of the timber trade and refining what's needed, we continue to offer a full range of qualifications in the wood industry and wood technology. Our courses are accredited by Proskills Global; and we can help with your apprenticeship requirements and training needs analysis.

We can offer training whatever size of business you are, anywhere in the country; either at your premises; at the training rooms at our offices just off the A1; or, by prior arrangement, at venues in London, Lincolnshire and Swindon, on selected dates.

Currently available training course dates can be found here.


Existing timber industry standard entry-level award, with tutorials, private study and final exam.

offered through the Timber Trade Federation and fully accredited by Proskills Global Ltd

Times and locations

This is to be a one-day tutored course, can be held at your premises/Head Office, and is available anywhere in the country.

Course details

It is exclusive to Timber Trade Federation members, for a minimum 6 delegates, up to 25 per session, and will be subsidised by TTF, with a nominal fee for Examination and Certificate, further details of the costs to be announced.


It will include an online exam with instant result, password access will be provided through the Membership page of the TTF website, with the Exam to be completed within 4 weeks of attendance date
How to apply

Initial enquiries should be through your Regional Timber Trade Association, the courses are intended be made up of mixed company groups. (May be available to individual businesses by negotiation) It is planned to hold at least one session per region in the first 6 months of 2019.

The Qualification is to be made available from early 2019 onwards and is fully-accredited at Level 2 by Proskills Global Ltd, a nationally-recognised qualifications accreditation body - for more details please e-mail Woodexperts.


This course provides some solid, in-depth knowledge on Wood as a Material and how it behaves; as well as a detailed understanding of how and why wood is processed and graded; and how the manufacture of wood-­based panels influences their properties and uses.

The Course is intended for those in the Wood Industries who need to have a much better grasp of Wood Science, to enable them to solve problems related to specification and use; or to understand how to minimise the problems and wastage that often occur when timber and wood­based products are used inappropriately.

It is ideal for Management Trainees, Middle and Senior Managers and anyone with a more senior role in ordering, specifying or designing in timber. Successful candidates will be eligible for Membership of the IOM3 at “Technician” level (TIMMM).

accredited by Proskills Global Ltd

Format and locations

Similar to the Level 4 Certificate our delegates are already familiar with, it comprises 4 tutorials plus revision day and Exam, and can be held at our Ripon offices, your premises, or at our other dedicated venues in the South West, Lincolnshire or Central London.

Course details

Requiring a minimum 3 students for the course to run, maximum of 6, the cost per student, 2019 rate, is £3000.00 + VAT, which includes Examination, Certificate, course notes, tutor’s travel and expenses, (if applicable) and external marking by examiners taken from the UK’s academic community.
Delegates will study Advanced Wood Science, including wood anatomy, hardwood species identification, strength properties and loading characteristics, understanding preservatives and treatment chemicals, and properties of wood in reaction to fire.
It is anticipated that the course will take between 12 and  18 months to complete, an important component is the essential requirement for approximately 6 hours per week (over 12 months) of private study, in addition to attendance at the tutorials.
Students must demonstrate an understanding of all the subject matter, but following a particular interest in one or more of the 5 subjects is also allowed, if required. Further details on this aspect can be discussed with the individual concerned.
Qualifications at this level are accepted by the IOM3 to be eligible for membership at “Associate” level (AIMMM), which is equivalent to a “Masters” and the Course is accredited to Level 6 by Proskills Global Ltd

The Level 6 Diploma in Advanced Wood Science is designed to be a higher level qualification for the individual concerned, intended to lead to their development and knowledge as a Wood Scientist, it is unique to TFT Woodexperts and is the only qualification at this level available outside of mainstream education providers. As such, timber businesses may find it useful to have a Masters level-qualified member of staff on their team.
For more details, email us at info@woodexperts.com.